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Why A&J Granite?

Since we are a family business, my husband and I wanted to make our customers feel happy with choosing us out of so many companies.We encourage you to compare our prices, look around and take your time on deciding what suits your budget and desire best. We offer a variety of colors and our prices start at $25/Sq Ft.We also offer standard kitchen & bathroom sinks.Granite is a very popular choice and there are plenty of reasons as to why.Not only is it a beautiful material but it is also very durable and easy maintenance. It also increases the value in a home itself which is great when it comes down to selling or remodeling. Since it is also resistant with scratches ,chips and heat you might want to consider it as a must for your kitchen and bathrooms!

SO HOW DO I GET A QUOTE?- We are always available through the phone or email for any questions or concerns.If you are ready for a free quote just contact us either way and we will schedule an appointment and give you a price for everything.(Price we give you never changes unless something is added on).

PAYMENT OPTIONS?- As soon as you choose us for the job and have decided on material and edge, we will ask for half of the total amount of the job as a security deposit.The other half will not be due until countertops are installed and completed.You are welcome to pay the full amount at the time of order or pay more than half of total.We accept cash or check.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE?-This will greatly depend on size of project but for a home it usually takes 1 day for fabrication and 1 day for Install.

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